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Office COVID-19 Protocol & Updates

Any Updates/News on COVID-19 personally from Dr. Wall will be posted here. As well as our office protocols in preventing the exposure/spread of COVID-19 among ourselves and the public.


Some of the measures we're taking to keep you and your family safe.

The safety, health and well-being of you, your friends and family, our staff, and Dr. Wall are our top priority always. Especially during this time.

Visiting The Office

  • All patients and visitors are required to wear a face mask/covering to enter the office.

  • Upon arrival, patients and visitors are asked to call the office when they are in the parking lot. Patients and visitors will be assisted either in-office or curbside.

  • Our door is locked at this time to prevent any unknowing contact with someone who may have COVID-19, or is otherwise considered dangerous to themselves or others.

  • When planning to visit the office please contact us prior.


  • Appointments are required to see the doctor. Walk-ins are strictly prohibited.

  • All patient's temperatures will be taken outside/in lobby prior to entering an exam room.

  • All patients are required to wear a face mask/covering at an appointment. If you do not have access to a face mask/covering please notify us prior to your arrival.

  • All contact with the doctor and/or staff members will be made as socially distant as possible.

  • After each and every appointment, the exam room(s), lobby, and any other surfaces/objects that the patient was near are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before the next patient arrives.


Staff and Dr. Wall

  • All staff and Dr. Wall are required to wear face masks/coverings, whenever in contact with patients, and where gloves when appropriate when in contact with patients.

  • All staff and Dr. Wall adhere to Federal and Local Guidelines on COVID-19, wear a face mask/covering when out in public, and wash their hands/use hand sanitizer whenever necessary and frequently.

  • All staff and Dr. Wall are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms, and have their temperature(s) taken.

  • All staff and Dr. Wall are subject to a 10-14 day quarantine prior to returning to work if they have recently traveled.


  • Due to the Public Health Emergency, doctors and medical facilities are now able to bill and get paid by Medicare and other Insurance Companies for Telemedicine/Telehealth visits with patients.

  • If you need to visit/speak to Dr. Wall but do not want to/cannot come to the office, contact us. We can schedule a visit with Dr. Wall. It can be via Patient Portal or Email, Telephonically and/or Videographically. All of these options are 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant and secure.


New Patients

  • Dr. Wall is not adding any new patients to her practice at this time.

This data/information was last updated on 09/01/2023, it may not be current/accurate at the time of reading. Monica J. Wall, M.D. LTD. reserves the right to update/change this data/information at any time. If you have any further questions, please contact us. Any links or companies sourced on this Website are not affiliated with, financially affiliated with, and/or endorsed by Monica J. Wall, M.D. LTD., it's operators and/or it's affiliates unless otherwise indicated.

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